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Dragon & Child by Neptunaria

Once upon a time a Child lived happily ever after in a pig sty of a room. One day a Dragon burst into the room and tidied it up by throwing everything onto the floor, whilst ranting flames which scorched the Child.
When the Dragon had burned the Child to a crisp, it scooped all the treasures up into a big box, which it then gave away to more deserving children.
The Child cried inside, but didn’t show the Dragon how much it was hurt because this would make the Dragon angrier, and the siege of the once happy Pig Sty Kingdom would continue for what seemed like days.
The Child had experienced this all before and knew that the Dragon would get over its rage and become very sorry that it had hurt the Child, and it would go out and buy new treasures to replace the ones which had been given away.
The End


This is Orlando Harrison… and he is not evil at all.

I don’t actually know him [although I adore the music of Alabama 3], I haven’t met him or spoken to him, but he ‘Friended’ me on Facebook. He is a friend of a friend. I have no idea why he friended me, I asked, but he hasn’t answered.

He has invited me to attend one of his events -> Poltroon - The Literary Saloon [ ] at The Betsey Trotwood, ‘a quirky Victorian pub in Clerkenwell, central London, serving cask ales and famous for its cosy subterranean music venue’.

He is a complete mystery, and I think he likes to remain that way.

I sent him this in a message on Facebook:

Thank you for ‘friending’ me, I have no idea why you did, but you inspired me to act & friend others. Much love, J.

It is true. I was a Facebook hermit. I used my Fb like I am now using Tumblr… which is why I think my niece suggested I get a Tumblr blog.

I am very grateful to Orlando Harrison for his gesture… If he did it for an evil reason, then, thus far, the evil has wrought only good.

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